Magento SEO Audit by GoMage

Magento SEO Audit by GoMage
Detect the flaws in your SEO strategy that prevent search engine crawlers & real visitors from discovering the website. Our team will provide anything from essential SEO health check-ups to advanced SEO growth opportunities for your Magento store.
Delivered by Adobe certified team
Improve Magento SEO
Why Inspect Magento SEO?
Magento supports a number of built-in and external SEO solutions. We bet you're using them within your SEO activities, but can your business growth expectations be fulfilled by simply applying the defaults? Here are a few SEO directions that you might be currently missing:

SEO tasks may linger in backlog while product & order management tasks fill in the working hours for your team. Don't miss on higher ranking, growing domain authority and potential sales with organics optimized.
#3: Not optimized organics = losing free traffic
You wish to reach a higher search ranking, and mastering keywords won't work? Find out what's holding the website back from top positions, whether it's a content strategy or technical Magento settings.
#2: Low ranking troubleshooting
And not losing mobile traffic. While you're dealing with the traditional blog and SEO meta tactics, the mobile-first indexing and Core Web Vitals updates will hit the current positions unless handled right on time. Make sure your Magento store follows 2021 Google benchmarks.
#1: Keeping up with Google updates
SEO criteria continuously change. Just like competitors' strategy. Resolving a few SEO mistakes and applying new content rules can give an additional boost to the website traffic.
#4: Ensuring SEO strategy is up to date
No need to waste time in the Magento admin/SEO routine
We will crawl the website for you:
Tech SEO dive
How well search engine crawlers see your website? We will review the Magento configurations, page pagination, sitemap, response time, redirects, and other SEO-required settings, including CWV.
Content analysis
Does your content meet all SEO standards? We will check the descriptions, headings, review the page uniqueness and uncover hidden opportunities for the relevance boost.
Off-page SEO
How cool is your website for search engines comparing to the others? We will analyze the link profile, domain authority, social & brand mentions.
Summary & Growth opportunities
In addition to pinpointed fixes, we will build a list of Magento SEO growth recommendations. Improve the ranking with smart SEO tactics applied.
SEO Audit Packages
Each for different goals and scales – choose whichever fits better:
Basic SEO Audit
Learn how engines comprehend your website with a starter pack:

— Overview of site errors
— On-page code review & list of improvements
— Backlinks & domain rating check
— Speed & other page data overview
— Expert summary
18-20 h
Full SEO Audit
A basic check-up with a detailed plan of actions for improving positions

All in Basic SEO Audit, plus:
— Detailed expert summary on each error found
— A set of SEO recommendations with checklists
— Full check-up of site & optimization (SEO) errors according to Google requirements
— Filled out tasks for the development team to solve the problems
30-35 h
Growth SEO Audit
A complete check-up with growth hypotheses, now minding your competitors

All in Full SEO Audit, plus:
— Competitor SEO status overview (up to 3)
— Competitor backlink analysis
— Defining growth hypotheses based on all collected data with a plan of actions for your team
60-70 h
What our clients say
Michael Sullo
Founder, Restaurant Supply
"We are very grateful to the GoMage professionals for their flexible approach to our needs and their help in the successful implementation of all our requirements".
James Taylor
Co-Founder, MakeMyBlinds
"We are satisfied with the results of the deliverables. GoMage improved the website speed and saved hours of manual processing time! They are experts in the Magento field who provide transparency throughout all project stages".
Julian Piek
Enterprise Architect, Airthings
"GoMage's technical understanding has been very fruitful. They have senior developers on their team. Most of them worked for Magento previously. Their communication approach also works pretty well".
Receive the advanced plan of SEO Actions
Tailored for your business
Magento Plan of Actions
The 'one rule works for all' is not the case for Magento SEO. eCommerce is competitive. Let the Magento experts do the research and collect market data for crafting unique discovery tactics – all to put your store on top of search results.
Regular SEO screen is a must today
One small Magento SEO mistake can put your marketing efforts in danger.
Not fixed flaw = website not discovered by a customer in weeks. No matter what plan you choose, you'll receive a guaranteed list of SEO improvements with:
And always
Not sure which plan to choose or have questions?
Contact us for a consultation – we will go through each plan together and pick the best fitting for your Magento store.
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About us
GoMage is a recognized company of Magento experts. Over 11 years, we have completed over 1,000 projects, developed 15 premium extensions, and become an Adobe Solution Partner.

Our team of Magento Certified Developers build websites from scratch, optimize them for better performance and provide long-term support services.
How do I get my audit?
You will receive the website SEO audit by email. So, please make sure you fill in a relevant and up-to-date email.
    How long does it take to receive an audit?
    Each paid plan delivery time depends on the depth of the audit. You will receive the exact ETA by email after a close-up look at your store, but to give you a hint, Basic & Full plans usually take no more than 7 days, Growth – no more than 14 days.
      Can I make a custom request in addition to the plan?
      Sure thing! Each business has unique needs. Feel free to contact us for a special SEO request and a custom deal.
        Why choose Full & Growth plans over Basic?
        In addition to basic SEO check-ups, you will receive a plan of strategic SEO improvements for your business. Plan "Full" includes filled-out tasks for developers, additional checklists, and tailor-made rules to polish the content quality and increase ranking. Plan "Growth" includes competitive analysis to grow your market positions. Please note that these positions are not included in a Basic plan.
          Is the optimization itself included in the audit?
          With every audit, you will receive a plan of optimization and growth hypotheses, but the implementation, as well as development hours, are not included in the packages. Although you can entrust the changes to our team as well – feel free to discuss the development/optimization services with your assigned Sales Manager after completing the deal.
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